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Hi I'm Nate, Realtor in Denver, Colorado. I cover the entire Metro Area for Buyers and live in Central Park (formerly Stapleton), Denver, 80238!

I help my community with lifestyle flexibility through their home.

Specialties include Airbnb® and other Passive Income Strategies through home ownership. Central Park Market Research, including focusing on Central Park West.

I sit on multiple advocacy groups within the short-term, advisory committees for Denver and investment strategy groups.

I really enjoy working with clients that are re-locating to Denver to show them all parts of town and first time home buyers to educate them on the entire process, which starts well before ever stepping inside a home.

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to advising on best strategies.

Facebook and Instagram: @nathandenverrealtor

Contact me via call or text: 303.818.9751 or shoot me an email [email protected]

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What Clients Are Saying

Love working with Nate Urquhart! He goes above and beyond with research, attention to detail and a tailored approach for real estate and finding the best fit for *you*.  I can also speak to Nate's character, as a I have known him for nearly a decade in both career related networking, as well as social circles and I couldn't ask to work with a more quality person. 

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Danielle S. : 5 Star review

Kate W: 5 Star Review- Zillow

Nate has assisted me throughout my real estate processes both in Denver and in the mountains. He is incredibly knowledgeable regarding current trends and the tactical implications, as well as long term market context and the ripple effect for his clients. Nate's expertise gives you the confidence  he will take care of your real estate, and it's Nate's soft skills - his personality and how much he cares genuinely about people and doing good in the world - that gives you the confidence he is going to take care of you, as much as he's going to take care of your home. I 100% recommend working with Nate - you'll walk in with a real estate agent, and walk out with a beautiful home that in your gut, you know was meant to be yours, and a friend

Kate W - Satisfied Home Buyer in Jefferson Park, Denver

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